Buenos Aires

Argentina, with a population of over 44 million, is the fourth largest country in Latin America. In 2016, economic changes were initiated that have led to an expansion of education opportunities and exchanges. In 2017 and 2018, the government of Argentina funded 1000 scholarships to the United States, including 50 M.A./PhD, 100 Research, 300 Friends of Fulbright, and 400 Teachers and Principals. Argentina sends around 2200 students to the U.S. every year and that number is increasing at a rate of approximately 5% each year. Graduate degrees continue to be the most common pursuit for students from Argentina, with the most popular areas being engineering, law, and business. Although, this is gradually changing as undergraduate programs are becoming more well known among high school students. For Argentinians already traveling to the US, interest in intensive English programs is increasing, especially during the Southern hemisphere´s summer vacation months of January-February.

Argentina continues to be one of the most popular study abroad destinations, ranking #3 in South America and #6 in Latin America according to the most recent Open Door report. About 3,400 U.S. students study here each year. Such volume of exchange generates bilateral interest in more student exchanges- To achieve this, EducationUSA offices located in-country work with Argentine institutions to establish relationships with U.S. universities.