At the undergraduate level, the number of Chileans studying in the U.S. continued to grow. While the biggest jump, 17%, occurred in 2015/16, this year the number of students increased by 5.5%.

Despite the slight decrease of -3,2% among Chileans pursing graduate degrees in the U.S., graduate students continue to represent 50% of the students pursuing degrees in the U.S. The decrease of graduate students going to the U.S. could be due to language barriers (Spain is now the number two country in attracting Becas Chile scholarship holders from Chile).

The Chilean government continues to support study abroad through: "English Opens Doors" (funds a semester abroad for students of English pedagogy) and "Becas Chile" for graduate students, funds tuition and cost of living. To date, the program has awarded over 8,000 scholarships for degree seeking students. In November 2017, Becas Chile established water resources, natural disaster resilience and digital transformation as priority areas for their Master´s study abroad scholarship programs. The program was piloted in 2018, assigning 25% of scholarships to applicants in these subject areas.

In December 2018, Chile inaugurated the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, with the mission of connecting and organizing the multiple funds, programs and councils on the matter of science and innovation. CONICYT, which manages the Becas Chile scholarship program, as well as CORFO, are at least of two institutions that will now operate out of the new Ministry of Science and Technology.

The United States is one of the leading study destinations for Chileans and we anticipate that the U.S. will continue to be favored among Chilean students. By attending the fair in Santiago, university officials not only have the chance to recruit highly qualified students, they are also provided with the opportunity to learn more about the Becas Chile Scholarship Program.

Santiago continues to be one of the most stable economies in Latin America and is considered a safe and attractive option for Americans who are interested in studying abroad. EducationUSA has 10 centers throughout the country and since the Fair started in 2002, it has attracted more than 15,000 visitors.