São Paulo

When talking about the state of São Paulo, the superlative form is a must. It is the state with the country's largest population, largest industrial complex, highest economic production, the one that receives the largest number of immigrants and, as expected, the most cosmopolitan state in South America. With the country's best infrastructure and a highly skilled labor force, São Paulo is "Brazil's locomotive". São Paulo's participation in the Brazilian banking system reaches almost 50% in volume terms. In addition, Latin America's largest Stock Exchange is located in the state's capital.

Every year, the EducationUSA Fair in Sao Paulo reaches thousands of students from every spectrum of the social and economic class, bringing diversity and a great pool of applicants that are interested in studying in the U.S. Every year, Sao Paulo is highly praised by the quality of applicants, and in 2018, 1.500 people attended the fair. In Sao Paulo city, with a population close to 12 million, there are great possibilities for recruitment. Brazilian schools are becoming more and more open to understanding the application process in the United States and are helping students pave the way with extracurricular activities, interdisciplinary projects, etc.