How should I pay for the fair?

In the invoice that each university receives, EducationUSA provides two options for payment. These include sending a wire transfer within the United States or mailing a check to the Fulbright Commission in Brasília, Brazil. Paying by credit card is not an option.

What type of social media advertising will EducationUSA use to promote the fair?

EducationUSA uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and radio advertising as well as print ads to promote the fairs. Representatives are encouraged to complete the Marketing Information Survey that will be sent upon registration and send as many blurbs and videos as desired to be added to our social media marketing campaigns.

Can I use alumni to help me at the fair?

Alumni are welcome to help universities.

How many representatives can be at each booth?

Each institution is allowed to have up to 12 representatives working on their booth including alumni. Due to the 9 hour duration of the event we strongly recommend you have more than one person representing your university.