Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, northeast of Argentina, southwest of Brazil. It is slightly smaller than California. Paraguay is the only country in South America that has kept the indigenous language, Guaraní, as one of its official languages along with Spanish. Many Paraguayans speak both languages, and/or the combination of both denominated “jopará.”

The EducationUSA center is located in Asunción, and thanks to the continuous interest growth in studying in the U.S. another EducationUSA center was inaugurated the past year in a nearby city. Our centers offer hundreds of informational sessions per year in different cities around the country. The advisors participate in monthly fairs and events and host workshops and talks from universities visiting the country. Also, students get personalized advising sessions on a daily basis.

The number of students from Paraguay studying in the U.S. has increased by a 9 % according to the 2016/17 Open Doors report. Among the most popular majors that students choose are Engineering, Business, Agribusiness, International Relations, and Political Science. There has also been an increase in all creative majors.

Currently, there are two major government-sponsored scholarship programs for students applying to graduate schools: Becas Carlos Antonio Lopez and Fulbright. The first one, BECAL, is a Paraguayan government scholarship. The program provides 100% tuition among other benefits to students who get accepted to U.S. institutions that fit the criteria of the program. Likewise, the Fulbright Program enables students to cover up their tuition and/or housing fees depending on the schools that students get admitted to. The Fulbright Program started in Paraguay in 1952. This year it will reach a total of 500 scholars benefited by the program. Our office has a strong relationship with both the Fulbright Association and BECAL, advising very often students applying to universities through these programs, and offering panels, workshops and info sessions to different parts of the country.

In 2018 we had over 4000 students registered for the EducationUSA Fair reaching 3000 students attending the fair. The EducationUSA fair will enable university representatives to meet potential strong candidates for their programs and increase awareness of the benefits and many options of studying in the U.S. The fair is also a great opportunity to establish partnerships with different local universities and high schools, and our center has been following up on some of these partnerships established in the past which are now a total success. This is what the fair looked like last year:

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