Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, northeast of Argentina, southwest of Brazil. It is slightly smaller than California. Landlocked in central South America, the Paraguay River divides the country into a hilly, forested east and a flat plain (known as the Chaco) in the west. The Chaco, marshy near the river and turning semi desert farther west, takes up 60 percent of the country but contains only 2 percent of the people. Paraguayans, mostly a mixture of Spanish and Guaraní Indian, are the most racially homogeneous in South America. Paraguay has a population of over 6 million people, over 6 hundred thousand located in Asuncion.

Paraguay possesses plenty of electric power thanks to hydroelectric dams such as Itaipú, the world’s largest, built and operated jointly with Brazil. Sources of income in Paraguay are in agriculture, export and industry. Paraguay has become a good new market to explore due to the 4.2% economic growth in the last year.

In Asuncion you can visit the Historical downtown where some of the most important buildings and historical points are located, places like Panteón de los Héroes, Palacio de Gobierno, etc. This area has restaurants, bars, the riverfront and other that make a night in town enjoyable. Another place to visit for a good night out is the Paseo Carmelitas area, located by two of the shopping malls and the World Trade Center. The amount of new buildings and construction sites is proof that Paraguay is bringing a lot of investment from other countries.

EducationUSA Paraguay is working towards bringing universities in contact with the growing numbers of students that are interested in applying to U.S. universities. Even though we only have one EducationUSA office at the time, there is a considerable increase in the flow of students that go through our office every day. In this past year we’ve seen an increase of 4.1% of Paraguayan students going to the U.S. to study. In 2017 we had over 1,150 students at the EducationUSA Fair and a good number of them were able to communicate in English. Paraguay currently has two scholarship programs for students applying to Graduate Schools. One is from the government and another one from the U.S. Embassy. Among the most popular majors students choose are Engineering, Business, Agribusiness, International Relations, Political Science. There has also been an increase in all creative majors.

One thing you need to know about Paraguayans, is that we are all about sharing with our loved ones. You will see people carrying their TERERE equipment, ready to share it with others!