Santa Cruz

In recent years, Bolivia’s economy underwent a positive transformation, rising from its instability. In 2013, the economy grew a strong 6.5%; William Newman from the New York Times referred to it as a different kind of exception.

According to the Open Doors report on international student mobility for the 2013/2014 academic year, 1068 Bolivian students were enrolled in U.S. higher education Institutions resulting in a 4.3 total percentage change as compared to the previous academic year. Out of this number of students, a 65% enrolled in undergraduate institutions. The number of undergraduate students in the US from Bolivia increased 11.3 percent as compared to the academic year 2012/2013.

EducationUSA has five centers around Bolivia, which are located at the binational centers in the cities of Santa Cruz, Sucre, Cochabamba, Tarija and La Paz. They are all strategically located near airports, making it convenient for university representatives to visit. All these centers will be happy to work with prospective students to aid them in completing their applications.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra will be the host for this year EducationUSA fair. The city of rings is located is the eastern and plain zone of Bolivia at 416 m above sea level. Santa Cruz is the fastest growing province in Bolivia and it is often referred to as the “economic lung of the Bolivian economy”.

It has a population of more than 2.5 million and it is the perfect location for student recruitment, with a large number of public and private high schools and universities. Santa Cruz has several bilingual schools and the EducationUSA center itself is located at Centro Boliviano Americano, an English Institute with more than 5,000 students that register for English courses every 17 days. The strong network of educational advisers in Bolivia will be happy to welcome you to our country and will assist you in having a successful recruitment fair.